Best News All Year!

As of June 9th, 2013, “Nun Chuck” is available for iOS! Head over to the App Store to check it out!

Nun Chuck on the App Store!

This version is in HD! What was that you say? Does it come with the expansion like the Droid has? Why yes of course it does! 120+ levels with all of the new content! This is definitely something worth looking into! Happy chucking guys!

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Almost There!

Everything from the old site has been ported over, updated, and improved. Feel free to cruise around and check out our new digs! Our new iOS license should be on the way tomorrow so we will be mega busy working up a Nun Chuck for iOS! This is super exciting news, people! We are also working up a website for apparel and other items like it. Our Behold Apparel/Store will be linked to this website to avoid some nasty overhead and keep everything in one spot. We will however occasionally offer discount codes for such items from this site for use on the other site. Get pumped, guys!

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Reformatted pages are available!

All of our older pages have been reformatted and reposted on this website! Check ’em out and drop a comment if you like. We’re going to keep working hard on this and try to get an apparel site up and running. Wish us luck!

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Stay tuned for a brand new look!

Behold Games is currently under construction. Check back later for a brand new look as well as updated info for our games!

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