Nun Chuck

Title: Nun ChuckNunChuckPageIcon

Platform : Android / iOS

Release Date: 2/12/2013 (Droid) |
6/9/2013 (iOS)

Rating: E (Low Maturity) | 9+

Genre: Action

Version: 1.23

Concept: “Nun Chuck”, the game where you chuck nuns to defend the church against evil! Chuck, the demon, has fallen in love with a beautiful nun, Sister Petunia, but she does not share the same feelings. Chuck does not take this well at all and summons a demonic army to find her and make her his bride! Help Petunia fend off these evil foes by chucking nuns at them.

Features include:
– 120+ action packed levels
– 6 unique ‘habit-tats’ and boss stages
– 15 unique nuns to chuck, each with their own special abilities
– 65+ available upgrades at the “convent”
– 25+ unique enemies
– 13 mini game stages with online scoring
– Water quality options for performance
– Extremely fun and addicting!
– So easy to learn
– Fantastic, detailed artwork
– Smooth input
– Realistic water effects
– Absolutely hysterical sound effects
– Original music tracks



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