Our Team

Team Behold consists of some seriously talented folks with creative minds and a great sense of humor. If we’re not having fun making games, how is the player supposed to have fun playing them? Here’s some stats about our staff:


alexAlex Moore
Role: Owner of “Behold Games”
Location: PA, United States
Skills: Programming in C#, C++, JavaScript, TorqueScript, Python, Lua and using the DirectX and OpenGL APIs. 3D Modeling/Animating/Rigging/Texturing and Sound Editing/Mixing
Software: Maya, MilkShape, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Unity3D Engine, Torque Game Engine, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore, Cool Edit Pro, Sound Forge, Audacity, Microsoft Visual Studio, Sharp Develop, MonoDevelop.
Interests: Playing, defeating, and collecting as many video games in the world as I possibly can! Creating video games, making delicious pizzas, and blasting tunes!

  • Urine Trouble (Programmer, 3d Art/Animation, Texture Artist, Designer)
  • Pump Frenzy (Lead Programmer, Designer, Texture Artist)
  • Nun Chuck (Lead Programmer, Designer, 3d Art/Animation/Rigging)

Webpage: http://www.behold-games.com

Andy Petkacandy
Role: Lead Artist
Location: PA, United States
Skills: Drawing, Painting, Concept Art, Design
Software: Adobe Photoshop
Interests: Playing paintball, bears, eating pineapple(s), shooting my AR-15, and almost any video game.

  • Nun Chuck (Lead Artist)


Brandon Novogradacbrandon
Role: Lead Audio
Location: PA, United States
Skills: Playing the Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone, Ocarina, and writing music.
Software: Simple MIDI composition software to create music.
Interests: Cycling, making pizza, music, and making a living (…so buy a game!)

  • Urine Trouble (Lead Audio)
  • Pump Frenzy (BGM)
  • Nun Chuck (Lead Audio)

Dave Brakedave
Role: Programmer
Location: AB, Canada
Skills: Design/Programming in C++, JavaScript, TorqueScript, LUA, and utilizing DirectX/OpenGL API’s. Music composition/production.
Software: Microsoft Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Xcode, Unity3D Engine, Torque Game Engine, DarkGDK, GIMP, Cool Edit Pro, Audacity.
Interests: Software development, collecting throwback video game consoles, MMA, hip-hop, quantum physics, pwning noobs, and world domination.

  • Urine Trouble (Lead Programmer)

Website: http://dbrake.mydevryportfolio.com

Kyle Hornekyle
Role: 3D Artist
Location: TX, United States
Skills: 3D Modeling, Texture Painting, Lighting, Asset Creation.
Software: Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine, ZBrush, Xnormal, CrazyBump, Alien Brain, Final Cut, Adobe After Effects.
Interests: Live music, jogging, frisbee, exploring and protecting the environment, and going out with friends.

  • Urine Trouble (Lead Artist)

Webpage: http://www.kylehorne.com

Mark Hixonmark
Role: Music, SFX, Voice Actor
Location: PA, United States
Skills: Playing the Guitar, Keyboard
Software: Guitar Pro, Audacity
Interests: Playing the guitar, tennis, and bowling

  • Urine Trouble (BGM, SFX)
  • Nun Chuck (BGM, SFX)

Mike Thomasmike
Role: Music, SFX, 2D Art
Location: PA, United States
Skills: Average guitar and keyboard, 2D cartooning
Software: Photoshop and Audacity
Interests: Drawing, Snowboarding, Bowling, Tennis, Guitar

  • Pump Frenzy (SFX)
  • Nun Chuck (BGM, SFX)