Pump Frenzy

Title: Pump FrenzyPumpFrenzyIcon

Platform: Android

Release Date:  8/20/2012

Rating: E

Genre: Action / Arcade

Version: 1.02

Concept: Pump Frenzy, the ultimate test of finger strength, speed, and endurance! Probably the hardest, easiest game on the market. The controls are simple, one button! The hard part is pressing it as fast, accurate, and strategically as you can. Play as Angry Stan, Sir Ulric, or Sgt Bob in campaign mode and defend yourself against the enemies in the background. Tired of blasting bad guys in the background? Test your true skill against the world!!! Pump Challenge, a side option, contains multiple challenges that record your score globally for the world to see. Think you’ve got what it takes? Prove it on Challenge Mode!

Features Include:
-30 finger mashing levels!
-9 addicting challenges that put your fingers to the test!
-5 difficulty settings!
-3 unique environments, characters, and ways to play!
-Online leaders are scoring for challenges!
-Bright, cartoony graphics!
-Hilarious sound effects and original musical scores!



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